Where To Stay In Paris, France

Paris, the capital of France, is a notoriously pricey city for tourists and if you are not careful about your finances, you can spend a tremendous amount of money on even the most basic accommodation.

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Almost every tourist wants to visit Paris to enjoy its spectacular boulevards, its romantic ambiance and the huge variety of cultural attractions. The city offers accommodation for any budget, starting from the most basic youth hostels to state of the art boutique hotels.

Places To Stay In Paris

1. L'Hotel

L'Hotel is one of the icons of Paris and it is classified as a luxury establishment, catering mostly for business travelers, but also for any tourist that wants to enjoy their trip in the best conditions. With a history extending more than 200 years, the hotel was used as a secret hideaway for nobles and powerful politicians residing in the nearby Saint Germain des Pres district. The hotel is within a walking distance from the Louvre Museum, the Pont Neuf bridge and the French Academy. Other nearby attractions include the Palais Royal and Sainte Chapelle, a fabulous piece of Classical French architecture.

2. Monhotel

This four-star boutique hotel is located in an isolated, quiet area just behind the Arc de Triomphe and occupies a chic Parisian townhouse. Featuring a beauty center, a fitness room, a wonderful exclusive lounge bar, this hotel can host tourists in each of their 37 rooms, overlooking one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Paris. The hotel is very sought after by young couples who are enjoying their honeymoon.

3. St Christopher's Inn Canal

St Christopher's Inn Canal is constantly ranked as one of the best youth hostels in the French capital city, offering a blend of modern and vibrant design trends inserted in a recently rejuvenated district. The area has a fantastic nightlife and is filled with pubs, bars and nightclubs, being a perfect setting for young tourists who are looking for the fun side of Paris. Also, the hotel is conveniently located along the scenic canals which were featured in the French film Amelie. The hotel is easily accessible by metro directly from Gare du Nord.

4. Amarante Beau Manoir

Amarante Beau Manoir, a four-star chic boutique hotel, is located near the Place de la Madeleine, a wonderful area of Paris, close to the Madeleine Church. It is a great starting base to begin the exploration of Paris and its main attractions, like Champs Elysees or the exclusive Palais Royal. Also, the hotel is nearby the Boulevard Hausmann, an important thoroughfare, leading to the city center.

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