Where To Stay In London

Searching for accommodation in such a large and diverse city like London can be overwhelming. Finding the perfect hotel for your trip can also be entertaining and it’s a way of getting to know a city that will surely fascinate you. The selection of hotels in London is huge; however we are going to help you search serene places to stay in London that suits your interests so relax and enjoy the search.

London Cityflickr/Duncan Harris

Places To Stay in London

West London

For someone travelling to London, the choice of wanting to “sleep at the heart” is always tempting. In London however, there is no better place than the West End. Imagine getting up in the morning, having breakfast and going out to experience everything there is to see. The major market places and attractions are in central London. To experience more of what London has to offer, this is the best area to look for an accommodation. In the West End, you can find everything, some of the London hotels more history as the beautiful Savoy in the Strand, which is celebrating its 125 years of operation, or more economical and great design hotels like the Soho one of the best ways to spend a weekend in the city.

The districts of Paddington, Bayswater and Notting Hill

Filled with middle class hotels, these three areas are still among the most famous London attractions. In just twenty minutes by subway, you can move within the districts as you enjoy the harmony of the neighborhood. Hyde Park, Kensington Palace, Portobello Market or Little Venice is also within a walking distance. For the most eccentric or creative activities near Paddington Station, visitors can also visit a wide range of hotels that connect the districts and the famous Heathrow Airport.

Kensington and Victoria

If you want be around some of the best museums, including the Victoria & Albert and Natural History Museum, this is the best place for you. Some of the most famous parks in the area include Hyde Park and St James's Park; or Harrods. If you are travelling in or and out through Gatwick airport, Victoria station is nearby making the area more accessible. In this region, there are hotels for all budgets and although general establishments are usually cheaper as we move towards Earl's Court, you can also find real bargains in more exclusive areas like Chelsea or Belgravia. Belgravia is a good option, because of its serene location within a walking distance from the station and have modernized the concept of the family bed & breakfast and taken it to another level.

Bloomsbury and King's Cross

A short walk from the British Museum, from quiet and completely Victorian streets full of history, we find the historic Bloomsbury district, from which you can walk to places like Covent Garden or Oxford Street in just fifteen minutes. It is full of antique shops and bookstores, small hotels and decorated in a very traditional English taste area, including for example, right next to the museum, The Montague on the Gardens. As it extends towards the knot forming stations King's Cross and St Pancras, the city becomes a bit more modern and loses some of its charm, but the prices go down a little, although most of the hotels present are in classes of four and five stars.

The City

You do not have to visit London on a business trip to sleep in the City, nor do the hotels have to be just skyscrapers. There are also increasingly good choices in the neighbourhoods like Shoreditch or Clerkenwell, where new hotels are popping with new and welcoming designs. These areas are perfect for exploring the city, to visit St. Paul's Cathedral, the Tower of London or get lost in the Brick Lane market as you remain well connected with the rest of the city.


As you look for places to stay in London, your budget is one of the first things you should consider. Depending on what your interests are, you also need to choose the best area to visit with accessibility, attractions and activities in mind. With that in mind, seeking and comparing the best options available for you with the help of other travellers’ reviews becomes easy. Most importantly however, be prepared to enjoy one of the most interesting cities on the planet.