Where To Stay In Hawaii

There is a lot to do on every island of Hawaii. You can go snorkeling, deep sea diving or lie in the sand for hours. You can hire a boat and go fishing or take part in a number of water activities such as water skiing, boating, surfing etc. If you wish to get away the beach, you can even go trekking along the Island’s several hills and mountains or make an exceptional trip to the several volcanoes of these islands. There’s a lot of local color that you can soak in as the locals are very friendly and sweet people. You can go shopping or try their local cuisine.

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Hawaii offers a complete package of housings for different tastes, budgets, needs, and locations. You can choose from beach resorts, deluxe hotels camping grounds, and comfortable bed and breakfast inns scattered all over the islands. When in Hawaii, the problem is not finding the right place to stay, but choosing one from the countless options. Whether you are after luxury, practicality or both, you should look for an accommodation that will satisfy your needs.

Choosing A Place To Stay In Hawaii

There are various factors that can affect the final taste of your accommodation. But first, you need to have some idea on the kind of vacation that you are planning to have. For instance, if you are in Hawaii for a romantic gateway or for your honeymoon, then the condos, resorts and hotels can be on the peak of your list. If you wish to enjoy a bit of relaxation and privacy, you may find the bed and breakfast and inns more to your liking. If you prefer to have an adventure and other outdoor activities, then the RV rentals and camping grounds can be what you are looking for.

Budget is also a vital factor. If you can afford the big-name resorts and hotels, then go ahead. If you are on a tight budget, there are many other inns and hotels that have affordable rates. What’s more, you can opt to camp it out if you are more on a limited budget. If you are in a spending mood, there is certainly an accommodation for you in Hawaii.

Hotels & Resorts

As Hawaii is famous for its beautiful beaches and coastlines, you have a wide variety of beach resorts to choose from. If you wish to sleep a stones’ throw away from the soothing echoes of the surf, then the coastlines resorts in Hawaii are the most ideal choices for you. Apart from the closeness to the ocean ventures that these beach resorts provide, you can also find first class accommodation from some of the lavish beach resorts in Hawaii.

JW Marriott, Four Seasons, Hilton, and Sheraton are some of the big names in the hospitality sector that one can find in Hawaii. Tennis court, swimming pools and golf courses are some of the amenities that you can find in some of the beach resorts. You can additionally find beach resorts that offer their own dining establishments as well as closeness to dining districts and local shopping. Therefore, if you have some extra cash to spend, a beach resort is one of the most ideal choices for your Hawaiian accommodation.

Hawaii is not only famous for its scores of hotels, but also for the quality service that these hotels offer. Hawaii is host to some of the best hotels in the planet, with several of them landing a place on Forbes Traveler 400 hotels.

Ritz Carlton Kapalua, Mauna Lani Bay Hotel and Bungalows, Mauna Kea Beach Hotel are some of the hotels that have landed a place on Forbes. Hawaiian hotels are known for capturing the native’s culture, while still providing the best amenities, comforts, and luxuries of modern living.

Bed and Breakfast Hotels

If you wish to combine the comfort of a hotel accommodation with a homely environment, then bed and breakfast hostels are the best choice for you. Depending on the island and its location, you can choose from hotels that present an outstanding view of the volcanoes, sea or the surrounding rainforest and green landscape.

For instance, you can go to the Bay House B&B if you want to have a good view of the Hilo Bay. If you want a perfect combination of an orchard and an outstanding landscape, you can try the Shipman House Bed and Breakfast Hotel. If you wish to experience the higher elevation, then the Emerald view Guesthouse is the best choice for you.

Obviously, there is a wide variety to choose from, and each B&B offers different sights, amenities and easy access to the islands’ different activities and attractions. Room prices depend on the number of guests and the size of the room, and you should be able to get a B&B within your budget range.


If you want the luxury of a fully equipped room with a guarantee oceanfront view, then it’s advisable that you rent one of the several condos in Hawaii. Hawaii condos offer all the amenities of a condominium and some even offer a home chef for your meals and a caretaker for your specific needs. Condos locations and rates differ; you can certainly find a condominium that fits your budget and destination.

RV Rentals and Camping Grounds

You can choose the RV rentals and camping grounds in the Big Island if you are planning to have a more outdoor experience during your stay in Hawaii. For instance, Happy Campers Hawaii offers RVs rentals for you to plan your own vacation and visit Hawaii with a home on wheels. If you wish to camp out, there is the Kona Camping Ranch, the Hiking Adventures and Arnott’s Lodge that provide camping grounds for tents along with other different amenities. It additionally offers a perfect location for some of the best outdoor events in Hawaii such as snorkeling, hiking, and biking. These RV rentals and cramping grounds are very pocket friendly; what’s more, they present an exceptional Hawaiian outdoor experience.

With the wide variety of destinations and accommodations to choose from, Hawaii offers its travelers a complete vacation package. Whether you are after the captivating landscape, the sand and surf, a taste of Hawaiian culture, or the nature and volcanoes, you have many places to make your visit more comfortable and memorable.