Where To Stay In Barcelona, Spain

If this is your first time coming to Barcelona, you may be unaware of how large and diverse the city is, so choosing a place to stay can take some time. Each barrio or district has its own advantages and a unique character so learning more about the most popular ones beforehand is certainly going to help you find a great place to stay here.

With that in mind, let's take a closer look at some of the best places you can stay while visiting Barcelona so that you can have a wonderful time no matter if you travel alone or with your friends.

Places To Stay In Barcelona

1. El Raval

el Ravalflickr/Alain Rouiller

Many people say that El Raval is a good area to stay in Barcelona and that’s because it is a dazzling and vibrant central district which greatly appeals to the more adventurous and seasoned types. In the last few years there have been many changes happening in the area and the district is simply gorgeous. On top of that, if you love museums, then you may want to write this place down on your list since here you can visit the popular MACBA museum.

The nightlife scene is pretty amazing as well and it's suited not only for groups, but especially for couples given its sensual vibe. In fact, if you really want to get to know what the nightlife in Barcelona is all about, El Raval is the best place to start!

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2. Barceloneta

Barcelonetaflickr/Ulf Liljankoski

To many, Barceloneta is Barcelona's little sister which offers simple access to all the breathtaking sights around and in the city. Since this is a seaside town, it's the perfect choice if you love sandy beaches and a lot of sun, so if you want to travel here then you'd better prepare your swimsuit ahead of time.

But even though there are plenty of beaches where you can get a nice tan, Barceloneta is also very well known for its picturesque ports, shops and exciting bars. In fact, many people come here in order to relax and clear their mind after a long week of work, so it's a wonderful location where you can easily unwind. And if you're hungry, there are dozens of seafood restaurants in the city which will give you a good idea of what authentic Spanish cuisine is all about.

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3. El Born

El Bornflickr/Jörg Westpfahl

Next to the popular Barri Gotic district is the El Born barrio which is not only very close to the beach, but also to the old city as well. Most people come here because of the nightlife scene where they can visit a wide range of bars and restaurants, but don't let that make you think that’s all there is to this place.

El Born boasts a unique architecture with market buildings, boulevards and medieval churches that are sure to stop you in your tracks so you can just snap a quick picture. El Born is also home to the oldest gardens in Barcelona, the Parc de la Ciutadella, so make sure you visit them while here for a breathtaking view you'll hardly forget.

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4. The Gothic Quarter

Gothic Quarterflickr/DDohler

Barcelona has quite a longstanding and intriguing history and if you're passionate about the medieval ages, then The Gothic Quarter is the ideal place to stay in Barcelona. The place is literally packed with delightful plazas and winding alleyways which give you a good glimpse of the city's amazing history all the way from the medieval buildings to the Roman walls. This neighborhood is one of the most popular in the city and it's home to famous attractions such as the Barcelona Cathedral and the Placa Reial.

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5. Port Vell and Seafront

Port Vell Barcelonaflickr/Martin and Kathy Dady

Port Vell and Seafront are some really nice places where you can enjoy probably the best seafood in the city in an intimate atmosphere no matter if you're traveling with your friends or with your significant other. Due to the Olympic initiative, the seafront districts of Port Olimpica, Villa Olimpica, the Barceloneta neighborhood and Port Vell were greatly improved and there are a total of 7 km of sandy beaches you can enjoy when coming here. These are all modern and stylish districts that guarantee you're going to have a really fun time here, so it's thoroughly recommended that you visit them.

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6. Eixample


Eixample is definitely the place to visit if you're a fan of modernism and with breathtaking works of art like the La Pedrera, Casa Batllo and the imposing Sagrada Familia, you'll be able to get a better understanding of what makes Spain and Spanish people so united. In fact, you can also enjoy a glass of wine at the nearby cafes and still be able to behold the towering Sagrada Familia if climbing up to it is a bit too much for you.

The Eixample district is so wonderful that many people come here looking to rent a place so they can better immerse themselves in the Spanish culture. At the same time, it's also the best way to learn more about the work and life of the famous Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudi.

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7. Gràcia

Graciawikimedia/Bernard Gagnon

Who wouldn't want to get lost in the traditional and picturesque Catalan atmosphere? If that’s what makes you tick, then you should definitely include Gracia on your list of places to visit while in Spain. There are many lovely plazas here, great restaurants and also locally owned boutiques that give the place a rural vibe that instantly takes the stress of your shoulders and helps you get lost in the beauty around you.

On top of that, if you love dancing then you're in the right place since here you can witness the famous La Sardana national dance which is performed mostly on Sunday mornings. When the sun sets, the bar scene comes to life and is quickly populated by all types of people starting with students and all the way to celebrities.

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Visiting Barcelona, Spain is a very special experience and that is why you should make the most out of it. No matter if you decide to travel alone, with your friends or with your significant other, make sure you write down these barrios on your “places to visit” list and on your way back home from your wonderful vacation you're going to have tons of utterly marvelous photos to show to your friends and post on social media!