Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand

Thailand is a favorite destination for travelers of all types, and the country has activities to suit any taste or budget. Whether you are looking for historical sites, cultural monuments or even outdoor adventure, Thailand can deliver the perfect diversion for your vacation. If you are willing to go off the beaten track, then you will be rewarded with unusual experiences that few travelers discover. Here are the top 10 activities in Thailand, that you may not find anywhere else in the world.

1. Exploring the Grand Palace and Buddhist Wats

Grand Palaceflickr/cb_agulto

The premiere sites in Bangkok are the Grand Palace and the nearby Buddhist Wats or temples, that represent the historical and religious traditions of Thailand. Visitors are welcome to appreciate the colorful architecture and rich decor of the Grand Palace, original home to the Thai monarchy. The Emerald Buddha and Reclining Buddha are famous in Thailand as central Buddhist icons that any traveler must see to understand the central role of Buddhism in Thai culture.

2. Explore the Floating Thai Markets

Floating Thai Marketsflickr/Christine Olson

Before modern Bangkok was constructed, daily commerce was conducted from small boats tied together in a unique floating market. This same type of market exists today south of the city where visitors can purchase all types of food and goods in a traditional and fun shopping experience.

3. Thai Healing Massages

Thai Massageflickr/Chris Feser

Often imitated but never equalled, an authentic Thai massage is an ideal way to complete a travel day. For a nominal cost, one can enjoy one or two hours of physical and mental rejuvenation, with the slow and gentle healing techniques developed over many centuries.

4. A Long-tail Boat Ride on the Chao Phraya River Through the Neighborhood Canals of Bangkok

Chao Phraya Riverflickr/rushdi13

If you bypass the tourist boats, you can experience first hand the homes and wats that line the canals near the Chao Phraya river in central Bangkok. A single person or group can rent a long-tail teak boat and driver, and explore the original waterways by a traditional mode of transport that provides a close look at these secluded Thai neighborhoods.

5. Rock Climbing, Snorkeling and Exploring the Beaches of Krabi Province

Rock Climbingflickr/Mikhail Koninin

The national parks of Krabi Province have become famous for the limestone rock formations surrounded by crystal blue waters and white sand beaches. Rock climbing, scuba diving and snorkeling are all popular with over 80 islands to choose from for day adventures or longer stays.

6. River Cruise to Ayutthaya – A Thai Cultural and Historical Site

River Cruise to Ayutthayaflickr/dom brassey draws comics

Ayutthaya is the ancient capital of Thailand founded in 1350, and is full of historical and cultural significance, and at one time was the most populated city in the world. Although the original city burned in the 1700's it still contains many ancient monuments to discover. The most romantic way to travel there is on a luxury overnight river cruise from Bangkok, which includes a tour of the city and orientation to the remains of the city's temples and monasteries.

7. Eating In a Traditional Thai Barbeque Restaurant

Thai Barbeque Restaurantflickr/Ryan Basilio

While all types of Thai food are delicious, very few travelers frequent the Thai barbeque restaurants located in any town or city. There is no menu, and for a fixed price diners select from trays of seafood, meat, vegetables and spices, and cook the food themselves over a charcoal heated grill in the middle of the table. This is fun way to eat for a group, and you will be surrounded by Thai families and groups of friends enjoying this economical, all-you-can eat Thai meal.

8. Adventure Tour of Northern Thailand

River Kwai Bridgeflickr/David McKelvey

The more adventurous traveler can set out for northern Thailand where the relaxed city of Chiang Mai can serve as a cultural base. After exploring the famous wats of the city, travelers have numerous choices available for travel adventures. Northern Thailand is home to the Mekong River, The Golden Triangle and the historical Bridge over the River Kwai, all ideal destinations that can be visited by bus, motorbike or bicycle.

9. Elephant Rides in the Jungle

Elephant Ride Thailandflickr/garycycles7

Few experiences stir the imagination like riding a giant elephant through the dense Thai jungle or forest. Swaying in your seat you will feel like you have been transported back in time, as you take in the view and appreciate the strong, slow pace of your own personal elephant.

10. Wakeboarding in Rayong

Rayongflickr/Aleksandr Zykov

Only 2 hours from Bangkok, travelers can find world-class wakeboarding on the 12 mile long Lake Dok Rai. This new addition to adventure travel sports has drawn enthusiasts to Thailand from all over the world, and offers an excellent way to add water activities to a vacation. There is a resort at the lake that offers equipment, lessons and everything one needs to learn this exciting sport.