Best Time To Visit London

According to most travel enthusiasts and local residents, there’s no bad time to visit the capital city of England. Almost every attraction in London stays open throughout the year. However, prices and weather may change, and gathering some information will help you plan the perfect trip.

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The English weather is ever changing. It can go from rain to blue skies in minutes. Usually, January is the wettest and coldest month in London. July is considered the hottest. As mentioned earlier, besides weather, prices also determine the best time to visit London.

Best Time To Visit London

Spring Season

March to May

The weather is unpredictable in March. During this period, it’s chilly, and the rain and wind gain upper hand on the Sun. On most days, the Sun tries hard to break through dense clouds. From March to May, crowds and prices are at a low. At the end of March, British Summer Time is introduced. This makes days longer. Most days in April are wet. However, you can enjoy numerous theatre festivals and the popular London Marathon. May is a sunny month, and you might notice some occasional showers. 1st May is called May Day in London. You can enjoy traditional celebrations and street fairs. You can also enjoy the Chelsea Flower Show in May.

Summer Season

June to August

During this season, you will feel the summer heat. However, the nights are windy and cool. In June, you can enjoy the Covent Garden Festival, the City of London Festival, the Wimbledon Championship, the Ascot Races and the Derby. London tends to be less crowded and more affordable in June. In July, you will notice bright sunny days. This brings plenty of tourists, high prices, summer outdoor activities and other attractions. August is the most expensive, crowded and hottest month to visit London. If you love theatre, you can enjoy the Edinburgh Festival. Market lovers can visit the Notting Hill Carnival. During this period, you can enjoy lush green grass, colorful flowers and beautiful countryside.

Autumn Season

September to November

September is considered one of the best months to visit London. During this period, the weather is warm, and the city’s less crowded. You can enjoy numerous events and theatre productions during period, including the Opera, the Soho Jazz Festival and the Mayor’s Thames Festival. Around October, you can see the parks full of gold, yellow, brown and red leaves. During October and November, hotel and flight prices are at their lowest.

Winter Season

December to February

As the city prepares for Christmas, weather tends to get chilly and prices rise. If you want to enjoy the fun and thrill of being in the city, December is the best time to visit London. You can enjoy abundant store and street decorations. January is often windy and cold. However, you can still enjoy the warmth in stores. In February, the weather starts to settle down and prices are low. By the end of February, you will notice many British school kids running on the streets on half-term holidays. Regardless of the month you choose, London is a great city to visit any time of the year.

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