On the Beach (www.onthebeach.co.uk)

Vacations by the beach can be quite relaxing and rejuvenating, but the entire booking process may be unexpectedly daunting. You’ll have to make a choice after spending endless hours browsing through reviews and landing on the best flights can be challenging, especially if you want a perfect flight that fits your needs. ‘On the beach’ comes handy here as it allows you to find and book the holidays that you dream of in seconds!

Are you seeking a beach vacation? Want to make a lavish one-week break from work? Or simply a last-minute escape? Regardless of your holiday goals, you’ll save plenty of cash by checking out inexpensive flights, hotels, and transport providers all in a single spot. You can book with no worries as all packs are ATOL-guarded and there is a 24-hour support responding to possible queries or concerns you may have while on vacation. And another catch is that you may split your holiday fees into instalment payments up to 15 days before travelling.

On the Beach: Shopping Tips

Offer finder feature
Don’t have an exact idea of where or when you want to go on vacation? No problem–the beach deal finder feature is here to help you decide. You just have to type/choose the departure airport of your preference, the month of your preference and the number of nights you wish to stay e.g 4,7, 10 or 14 as well as the number of minors and adults travelling with you, and the program will show the best deals matching your preferences. You can also apply further filters and choose, for example, which countries you want to get deals on, hotel reviews, and cost among others. You will be able to view an array of cheap vacation packs for famous global spots including but not limited to the USA, Canaries, Malta, Cyprus, Spain, etc.

You will also have the chance to add other holiday specifications such as insurance and transport when booking.

Cheap flights on the beach
On The Beach is an agent capable of offering you a massive range of cheap flight options from different service providers e.g Easyjet, Ryanair and so if you can only fly on a certain date, you’ll be given plenty of departure times to make your choice, based on your convenience and holiday plans. The use of multiple different provides by the agent allows you to combine different flying airlines. You may choose to depart from one and return on another airline.

Even though the online agent is renowned for offering all-in-one vacation packs, “On the Beach” allows you to easily book a flight, one-way or return and so if you have settled your stay already, use the flight finding feature to land a special flight deal.

All-inclusive holiday packages
All-inclusive holiday packs are growing in popularity, especially among families on a budget. The great thing about all-inclusive packs is that you bear the entire cost before your departure: your flight tickets, accommodation, food/drinks and snacks as everything is paid upfront and you will only need a small amount of cash to spare during your actual holidays e.g excursions or souvenirs. On the beach takes pride in offering a huge range of inexpensive all-inclusive holiday packs for singles, couples, families and other traveller groups. Just type the departure airport of your choice, choose a destination and dates and then apply your chosen filters to be shown customized all-inclusive deals. You may view the all-inclusive holiday deals page for more ideas and inspiration.