Best Time To Visit Thailand

We live in a time and age where more and more people are looking for a beautiful & attractive, yet affordable location to visit. One of the best tropical countries to visit is definitely Thailand. With thousands of exquisite tourist attractions, plenty of things to do and a myriad of cultures to discover, Thailand allows you to experience the regal, be wowed by its amazing tropical beaches and savor the true Thai spices.

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Best Time To Visit Thailand

The best time to visit Thailand depends mostly on your priorities. While some tourists want nothing more than to relax on a crowded beach during the hot season, others prefer to travel on a tight budget and enjoy the solace of the rainy season. Probably the best time to visit this amazing country is between November and February, because in the “rainy season” it is not too hot and you can find more hotel and accommodation deals.

Probably the most popular and therefore expensive period of the year to visit Thailand is between January and March. Temperatures do not exceed 32 Celsius and humidity is at its lowest. From January 15 to February 15 most hotels charge more, but you can still find amazing deals because of the fierce competition. During this period you might have to deal with crowded beaches and crowded street, especially in Phuket or other well-famed destinations.

If you choose to visit Thailand from May to August, you might be facing intense rain storms that may last anywhere from one to three hours. However, during this period you might get a very good suntan if you are lucky. With the high season crowds not present, this period could prove a very relaxing one.

From September to December very few people choose to visit Thailand because the weather is extremely humid. Probably the only advantage to choose this period of the year to visit Thailand is that you can find accommodation at very nice prices.

Average Temperature in Thailand


Average Rainfall in Bangkok


When visiting Thailand, it is paramount to know the main 3 regions you can visit. Each of them has a different climatic aspect and has its own benefits and disadvantages.

1. Central Thailand

This region revolves around Bangkok. This region has something unique from the other two regions in Thailand – heat all year round. As a matter of fact, the coldest temperature ever recorded in Bangkok was 10 degrees Celsius back in 1951. During the hot season, you can expect anywhere from 35 to 40 degrees during the day. The best time of the year to visit Central Thailand is from May to November.

2. Northern Regions

Chiang Mai and the rest of Northern regions enjoy a constant influx of tourists especially from January to May because of the cooler weather. The monsoon storms can be dramatic in this region, so try not to come in these parts from August to November.

3. The South

The weather in this region follows a slightly different pattern than the rest of the country. The rainy season comes in different periods of the year and usually starts a little earlier.

The Bottom Line

Whether you choose to visit Thailand during the summer, winter or fall, this South Eastern Asian country is amazing to visit. Find a cheap accommodation and enjoy the time of your live in Thailand.