Best Time to Visit Bali, Indonesia

Bali has been likened to a paradise in many instances and rightly so, the island and everything about it inspire a fantastic holiday mood. Commonly referred to as the ‘Island of the Gods', Bali has stunning mountains, rugged coastlines, lush rice terraces, sandy beaches and barren volcanic hillsides that all paint a charming backdrop to the island's uniquely religious and colorful culture. Being the awesome destination that it is, it also is great all year round. The best time to visit Bali, Indonesia is however largely influenced by the weather, festivals, intended excursion activities as well as your budget and peak visitation times.

Visiting Baliflickr/Linh Vien Thai

Best Time to Visit Bali

Bali is a perfect fun-in-the-sun retreat because it enjoys an amazing tropical climate. With average temperatures of 31ºC (87.8ºF), you certainly can enjoy a wonderful time all year round. The island however has two alternating wet and dry seasons. It is good to have this in mind as these seasons may limit your ability to fully enjoy some activities.


The Wet Season (from early-November to late-April)

Despite the rains that accompany this season, the island also experiences sunny days with considerably high humidity. These rains are brought about by the west monsoon and they rain only late in the afternoon or early in the evening and pass quickly. Such rains normally come as great relief because they tend to bring down the temperatures which are generally higher during this season. Even with rains in Bali, Bukit Peninsula still present sunny dry days the whole year.


The Dry Season (from early-May to late-October)

This is Bali’s peak visitation time and for obvious reasons; the sun is bright and out, the oceans are calm and beckoning and there is no rain to interrupt the spree. This combination is obviously everyone’s party. Many people prefer to visit Bali during the dry season and while there is nothing wrong with this, the influx of tourists during this time easily leads to overcrowding which in turns pushes up the prices of flights, excursion activities, tour packages as well as accommodation rates.

Despite the very obvious downsides, visiting Bali during the dry season has immense benefits; you can plan any activity without worrying about the rains plus the island usually is considerably cooler and less humid during these months. Any discerning tourist will tell you that such a combination is what sets Bali’s great tropical mood. The dry season thus is the best time to visit Bali, Indonesia.

Weather in Bali’s Mountain Area

Tourists who fancy the combination of art and dance in the splendor of cooler weather are welcome to sample the magic of the Bali Mountains (Ubud area). This area receives relatively more rainfall than every other place in Bali. The rain levels here go even further up during the rainy season so you might want to take note of that. The island is however only 5780 square kilometers so it is possible to have the best of both worlds; venture to the beaches and catch some sun then climb back into the mountains for the enviably cool weather.

Peak Times

Many tourists visit Bali between the months of June and September and during Christmas and New Year holidays. The increased numbers of tourists during these times usually push up accommodation rates, air fares, taxi fares, excursion prices and rates charged for tour packages. The beaches do also tend to be crowded during these times.

Off Peak Times

People who prefer less crowded spaces, cheap flights and great hotel rates will find going to Bali during the months of March and October very ideal. The best hotel and excursion deals are plentiful around these months but the key in getting a great deal still lies in booking early.

Best Time For Surfing

Bali is a surfers’ paradise as the waters surrounding the island are welcoming throughout the year. Different parts of the island however have corresponding ideal surfing times. The West coast of Bali is ideal for surfing between the months of April and October while the East coast is faultless between November and March. In spite of this, dry season is the most preferred surfing time and for obvious reasons; the waves are consistent just as the sun is. This season however attracts the most surfers as such competition for waves become very stiff.

Best time for Festivals

Away from the natural beauty, Bali also hosts some of the most enchanting and colorful festivals. While these occur all the time, March is the main festival month during which Nyepi and Melatsi, festivals that mark the beginning of Lunar Year are held. Other festivals are spread throughout the year so tourists out to sample Balinese culture will soon realize that anytime is the best time to visit Bali.